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Demo creation:

Demo - a few songs that we want to present. Consist of two to a maximum of 5 pieces. The idea is to showcase their musical material. The material on the demo should be consistent in terms of style and performance.

Demo does not has to sound like the record, but it should sound fine, and realization elements that influence the style of music.

Introduction – disk creation

Unfortunately, most people do not know how to make a disc. This is normal. We describe the steps involved in creating a composition so that you can understand the amount of work on one track and properly prepare it.

01 - Composing

To create a song, you should come up with melodies to match the appropriate chords, and then add text. Of course, you can do the opposite.

02 - Arranging

The song should be "clothing", i.e. the selection of appropriate instruments for the style of music, and what you have to play the song.

03 - Recording

To track sounded good need a really good recording of each instrument. Not reach the masthead sound when tracks are badly recorded.

04 - Edit

Involves cleaning of certain instruments such as: the alignment tempo guitars, snare, denoise trace counterfeit clear sound, etc.

05 - Mixing

Mix - the most difficult process of creating professional, high-quality sound. Band is to match all instruments using equalizers compressors etc. so that no instruments were too loud, quiet, not "natural" too thin or too thick, put it simply, if for example several crushing sounds so the same loud or low, it"s probably none of them will be heard separately. Mix is also insert effects such as chorus, delay, flanger, reverb, making space distribution in the panorama that is left right speaker, etc. Overall, the song should create a whole and sound naturally in its genre.

06 - Mastering

This is the last process. Simply merge This is the final polishing and refinement mix with equalization, compression, limiters and stereo widening. Mastering is also appropriate song fade depending on where our work is to be broadcast.

07 - Compression

After all these steps have a product ready to bring to the board, "Mother" to the mill.

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